10 Anti-Ageing Secrets Women Wish They Knew in their 20s

Most people believe it’s not possible to avoid the process of ageing; however, science says that it’s definitely possible to delay the signs of ageing and one should start the anti-ageing process in their late 20s itself. As your body ages, it’s imperative that you take proper care of your delicate skin to reduce signs of ageing. Ageing, like fine wine, should be the ultimate motto. Here are some very important tips which beauty editors, celebs and dermatologists swear by for firm and supple skin and also a list of anti-ageing secrets women wish they knew in their 20s:

1. Technique of application matters:

As much as it is mandatory to invest in potent anti-ageing creams, the way you apply it matters a lot. The best is to use your weakest finger, in most cases the ring finger, to apply night cream. Apply any leftover cream specifically on your laugh lines. Tap your face a couple of times after moisturization to stimulate blood flow.

2. Protect your Skin from Harmful Sun Rays That Trigger Premature Ageing:

Sunscreen is not just for summers, make it a habit to apply sunscreen every single day – a broad-spectrum sunblock with UVA and UVA protection is the best.

3. Tap around the eyes gently:

Do not forget to apply an anti-ageing cream around the eyes because this area shows fine lines and wrinkles first and to keep them at bay, a good anti-ageing cream and its application is also important. Bioxelan can be used as an eye contour cream too! The best and most effective method of applying eye cream is by tapping a little bit around the eyes. Your finger should exert the least force as the skin surrounding the eyes is extremely delicate and sensitive. Plus, you should store your eye cream or any other potent cream in the refrigerator to lock in its goodness and to reduce signs of fatigue and puffiness whenever you use it.

4. Choose your sunglasses and Reading Glasses with care:

Always buy sunglasses from trusted brands that offer guaranteed UV protection. If you are sensitive to light, it’s extremely essential that you use protective sunglasses. If you have power in your eyes, do use glasses or lenses. It is to prevent squinting, which can cause saggy skin, crow’s feet and fine lines.

5. Don’t ignore your neck and décolletage:

Most women make the grave mistake of applying their heavy-weight and active serums and moisturizing treatments only on face, but little do they realize that the neck and the décolletage are also exposed to sun and environmental stresses. As a result, they show signs of ageing much earlier. Don’t forget to massage your neck and décolletage with a hydrating cream and apply a face mask once in a while to keep them supple and toned.

6. Get your Basics Right:

The CTM routine (cleansing-toning-moisturizing) is the Bible of skin care and you should follow it religiously. Choose products which suit your skin type and never miss a skincare routine!

7. Take all Makeup Off Before Hitting the Sack:

Even if you are too tired to remove makeup at the end of the day, make it a ritual to sleep with a clean face. It’s the most important thing you can do to keep premature ageing at bay. If possible practice “oil cleansing” to remove every speck of makeup.

8. Stay Away from Harsh Cleansers:

Avoid washing your face at all costs, even avoid alcohol-based cleansers. In fact, stop using any product that leaves your skin stretchy and dry post cleansing. Switch to creamy and foam-based cleansers which have the right pH.

9. Start Using Natural-Based Products:

Natural-based creams and serums are for everyone because most natural ingredients boost collagen production and evens out skin tone. Ingredients such as Green tea extract, Aloe vera gel and Rosemary extract have positive effects on skin’s renewal, increasing its elasticity. Natural antioxidants such as Apricot Kernel, Vitamin E and Shea butter gently protect the skin from inflammations, boosting collagen production and preventing premature wrinkles. They all can be found in the Bioxelan’s formula.

10. Apply Sunscreen on the Hands Also:

Just as you need to protect the facial skin from the harmful rays of sun, you need to protect your hands too because often they are the ones that show the first signs of ageing. Slather on sunscreen on the hands and ear lobes too!