10 Favourite Smoothie Recipes For Glowing Skin

Smoothies are a fun and tasty way of providing your skin with nutrients to make it glowing and radiant. While skincare products can work miracles, what you eat has a huge impact on the health of your skin. And smoothies are some of the best drinking foods that are nutritious and healthy. Packed with fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies are a great way to detox not only your body, but your skin as well, bringing back its natural glow. So to help you start and sort out which one will be your favourite, we give you some amazing smoothie recipes that you’ll absolutely love. Also they are really easy to make and do not require much time, cause we know you’re always busy.

Apple, carrot and celery smoothie

Rich in vitamin A and C, this smoothie works well in brightening the skin and helping fade blemishes and dark spots. To prepare it you’ll need apples, carrots, celery and a little bit of lemon juice and honey, to add sweetness to the smoothie. Mix all ingredients well and your smoothie is ready to drink.

Cucumber and pineapple smoothie

Cucumbers and pineapples have high content of water as well as Vitamin C, which really helps the dull and dehydrated skin. They can make your skin more smooth and soft because they contain elastin and collagen. Mix cucumber, pineapple and add some honey to make your smoothie sweeter.

Cinnamon Apple Crumble Smoothie

Cinnamon has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels and to increase microcirculation, apples are rich in fibers that can give your digestive system a boost and have detoxifying action. Combined together these ingredients will give you a high fibre-immunity boosting smoothie that will also make your skin glowing. You can add oats to make the texture richer

Apple and Carrot Smoothie

Carrots are rich in Vitamin C and helps to even skin tone. Add some apples, cucumber and spirulina to take your daily dose of calcium and chlorophyll. To add freshness to it you can squeeze some lime and blend some cilantro into the smoothie.

Summer strawberry smoothie

Strawberries are full of Vitamin C, they ever have more Vitamin C than oranges and grapefruits. Mix them with coconut or almond milk, for an antioxidant-rich, nutritious smoothie that will leave your skin glowing and fresh.

Celery and apple smoothie

The high content of water in celery can help keep your skin hydrated and restore its elasticity. Apples are rich in vitamins and copper, which can help your skin protect itself from the harmful UV rays. So by mixing these two ingredients together you can give a lot goodness to your skin

Yellow squash, turmeric and ginger smoothie

Yellow squash is rich in iron and folate and is super nutritious. It is also high in manganese which is great for the bones. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can give the skin a radiant glow. Adding ginger to this smoothie will give it a spicy flavour and it helps with boosting the immune system.

Beet Smoothie with Strawberries and Spinach

Beetroots are rich in Vitamin B, which has cell repairing properties.When mixed with fibre-rich strawberries and anti-aging spinach, this smoothie is the perfect drink for healthy, glowing skin. It also has a strong detoxifying action that will get all toxins out of your body, which results in smooth and radiant skin.

Detox Probiotic Smoothie

Kefir is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D and also contains helpful bacteria and yeast which are highly beneficial for your body and skin. To give you skin cells a boost just add lemon and cucumber and enjoy the freshness of this smoothie.

Cantaloupe-ginger smoothie

Provide your skin with many of the nutrients it needs to look and feel good by making this ginger and cantaloupe smoothie. Mix cantaloupe, yoghurt, fresh ginger and ice cubes and you get a nutritious, delicious bomb.